Boxing and MMA in Minnetonka
Boxing and MMA Near Me In St Louis Park, Minnesota

Combat training ranges from no experience to professional athlete. Whether it’s for fitness, self defense, or becoming a potential fighter, combat training can cover many areas of your physical and mental health. All levels are welcome to participate in this training. Boxing and MMA programs will be designed specifically for the goals discussed by the student and coach. Training will include skills, pad work, strength and conditioning, and sparring.

Youth MMA classes will have the same components as the boxing and MMA training options with respect to the specifics of each of these individual sports. Kids will train, drill, spar, and strength and condition during the 45 min classes as well as receive instructions on what to work on when they’re not at the gym to keep improving their skills. Kids ages 7-13 are welcomed to participate without having any experience in martial arts.

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