About The Gym

WURK Gym in Minnetonka

What makes WURK different?

Once you come in you will realize this is not your average gym

Humans have been strong, conditioned, and resilient long before it became for recreation. Before rows of exercise equipment and air conditioned palaces to train in, humans built their bodies to withstand the harshest conditions and circumstances with minimal resources in the most dire situations through necessary basic movements and general exertion done consistently. As exercise participation evolves and new protocols and routines become more trending for the sake of popularity, we never forget or minimize the simplistic approach towards training that utilized the human body’s full potential and ability to become stronger.

At Wurk we focus on effective simplicity through hard training. Reinventing the wheel every workout isn’t necessary when fundamental movements done at the right intensity with a progressive strategy are the foundations. This approach will help create the best physically and mentally strong version of you that you can repeat consistently whenever wherever. Lasting results don’t come from and aren’t justified by complicated exercise regimens, complex exercise jargon, or too restrictive nutrition.

They are built and sustained through hardwurk and the ability to be consistent with that discipline without choosing to be bored.

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